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Scroll down, select any plan, download and use.

Reading Guide Packet

by Bruce Finke

32 Page Study Guide, Vocabulary, Facts and much more.


Lesson Plan 10
by Adria Kelleher, Teacher

Contextual Vocabulary Builder


Lesson Plan 11
by Educators, Whiteman, Johnson and Reiter

This plan is 3-part and deals with the management of anger.


Lesson Plan 12
by Unknown

Guide for students writing an "I Am" poem using characters and traits found in Touching Spirit Beart.


All School Read
by Tamala Brown and Jan Snyder

Reading Program and full outline designed by Milwood Magnet School with cross subject application.

WebQuest Activity
by Paula Anderson  Cardston, AB Canada

Finding answers to questions about Ben Mikaelsen and Touching Spirit Bear. Please note this lesson was prepared before the update to this website. All of the answers to the questions still appear on the site, howvwer some links from the lesson document may now be obsolete.


Vocabulary Search and Quizzes
by Suzanne Noble
Gilbert Elementary

Chapter Group Quizzes and Chapter Group Vocabulary Sheets


Vocabulary Building Exercise

This refreshing vocab activity is perfect to get students involved in the book and expand their vocabulary as well. Contact for answer key.


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