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A Real Life Story of the Connection Between a Man & a Bear!

Life is made for adventures, for stepping outside your comfort zone, for embracing what makes you different!

We invite you to celebrate the life of Buffy the Bear, who passed away in 2010, yet has left us

with stories & memories worth sharing.

Peruse all these links and discover all sorts of things about Buffy the Bear and his buddy, Ben the Author.



In loving memory of our bear, Buffy.
1/26/1984 -- 9/1/2010


It was a silly routine we had for 26 years. When Buffy entered his den each fall to begin hibernation, I would cuddle in with him for a couple of hours and say a temporary goodbye to my friend. I would whisper in his ear “Go sleep with the angels now.”


In the fall of 2010, I told Buffy to “Go sleep with the angels” for the last time. After almost 27 years, Buffy’s body finally gave out on him. To the end, his mind and his heart stayed strong. Connie and I will miss him more than words can ever describe. During his life with us, Buffy became so much more than a pet. He came to be a close friend and an intimate part of our family. He became the most wonderful friend a person could ever have asked for. Except for treats, he lived without vice. All he ever wanted was to be our friend.


Buffy is gone now and there exists a great emptiness at our home. I know that time heals, and I remind myself daily that this time of grief is small measure to pay for 26 years of friendship and joy.


Thousands of people have shared with me the joy of raising Buffy. To all of you who met him or shared with me the many storied antics of his life, I would ask that you take a moment to share one small tear and one huge smile.


When Buffy died, I know that somewhere up above an angel came into existence. One with bear ears!


Thanks for caring and for sharing our loss,

Ben & Connie Mikaelsen


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