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Zoom/Skype/Google Meet Session. Visit with Author Ben Mikaelsen. This includes a short introduction of himself and an insight into the book the students are reading and then he opens it up for Questions and Answers. A great culminating activity for students after they read one of his books. Sessions last 30-45 minutes.


Use the pay button below to process payment for Ben's interactive 30-45 minute video conferencing. The fee for the conference is $250.00. Contact Connie at to schedule or call 406.587.3068.

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Ben is an expert presenter with the ability to powerfully connect with kids and adults alike. Learn more about his Zoom online presentations, see what people have to say about his impact, and discover how to schedule Ben for a video conference with interactive Q&A for students below. Make sure and check out Ben's Bully-Free Zone for fresh ideas that will help your school create an authentic culture of tolerance and acceptance that is the real heart behind any successful anti-bully initiative.


"Our students and teachers cannot stop talking about your visit. All are in agreement that you're the best author ever to come to the school. In the days since you were here, we've had students who came to the lab just to visit your web site. Others have come to check out your books and just to talk about writing some of their own experiences. You have sparked so much interest here, with students and teachers alike. We have also noticed students performing genuine acts of kindness for other students since you were here."

                                                                                                                                                                          Sherry A. Kendrick
                                                                                                                                                                                Library Media Specialist


"A super speaker; captivating; motivational; warm and informing; his passion for children and the environment is very apparent; his commitment to quality literature is a breath of fresh air; inspirational; he really makes a person sit back and think about what a teacher really should be."

                                    Indiana Language Arts Conference
                                                                    Bloomington, IN


"Meeting you was a joy and an inspiration. Your talk at Collister crept like morning glory into so many children's hearts, for all different reasons. Your presentation spoke not only to the children. The staff were moved by your words as well. Thank you more than you know. Our bullies heard you, our "victims" and "failures" heard you, and our struggling learners heard you."

                        Elizabeth Willard, Reading Specialist
                                                                     Boise, Idaho


"I have heard so many positive comments about your presentation. Teachers, students, and parents were fascinated, interested, and inspired by what you had to say."

                                             Mary Morton, Librarian
                                              Kalama School District
                                                  Kalama, Washington

"...sincere, compassionate, empathetic, caring, honest and personable are a few adjectives that come to mind in describing you. You have a rare quality of being able to make a person feel unconditionally accepted. Thank you so much for coming here!"

                                                                         Joyce Dull
                                                        Mt Pleasant School
                                                      Oregon City, Oregon

"Your presentations were excellent and your message outstanding. You certainly touched our hearts. You are a very special person with a special message to give to our young people."

                             Judy Hynes, Dir. of Instruction
                                           Massillon City Schools
                                                        Massillon, Ohio


"My students and I read your book, Rescue John McGuire together in class. It was one of the most enjoyable and exciting books I've ever shared with a class. Your characters do come alive for the readers. We loved the characters and the story."

                                                         Charlene Nihill
                                                   4th Grade Teacher
                                                    Billings, Montana

"You did a fine job of working with large groups of children! Parents came to me very impressed because their children came home with your message of 'It's OK to be different because that is what makes you special'. What a great message and how well it was received."

                                                                                                                                        Laurie Fedje, Special Education
                                                                                                                                                                 Casper, Wyoming


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