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On this adventure, I traveled from Bozeman, MT in my Toyota 4 Runner to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina (THE END OF THE WORLD!). I made so many new friends and hope they will visit Montana so I can return their hospitality. Good bye to all. My heart has been touched by your kindness. Adios y muchas gracias para todo, Ben

Below are links to Ben's letters (with photos and maps). These letters are from 1998 and the Godchild Project you will read about has changed it's name to Common Hope. They can be reached at www.commonhope.org or info@mn.commonhope.org.


Hello Fellow travelers:

I'm off on a research/writing trip. I'll be writing you as I travel. My hope is that I can communicate every one to two weeks if all goes well and internet access is available.

My trip so far has taken me from Bozeman, MT to Billings, MT to drop my dog Kokee with the greatest dog sitters in the world (Thanks Jay and Amy). I headed to Cheyenne, WY. and spent my first night. Am trying to get the bugs out before I head into Mexico. Things like securing the license plate so that is isn't tempting to others.

I'm already starting to write my next book.

Travels will go from Cheyenne.......Denver......Tuscon,AZ. And then into Mexico. Please join me as I travel and explore the Mexican culture.

Oct. 21 Left Poncho Springs, CO and travelled over Wolf Creek Pass. Elevation is 10,857 and they get 38 feet of snow every year. It was snowing as I crossed. I think it will be the last of snow until my return in Feb.

Oct. 22 Explored Sunset Volcano NTL Park and Walnut Canyon NTL Park. The best part was the cave dwellings and the beauty as the rain and fog lifted bringing beautiful sunshine.

Until next time.... adios, Ben