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A photo of the pella where the women wash their clothes. They scoop clean water onto their little basin area, using soap and scrub against the cement. The water drains away from the area by pipes if it is newer.

The next photo is of the devestation that mud has done in the Antigua, Guatemala area. This is part of Santa Domingoes' stations of the cross. It was eight feet deep and filled with mud. This is an area near The Common Hope Project. There was a 3 -4 foot wall of mud, personal belongings, and trees going down the road.


November 16

Hello to everyone,

Monday finds me gathering supplies for a departure date of Saturday. I'm waiting for antibiotics to arrive Friday via The Common Hope Project and Kathy Iverson/Mike Menzel of Minneapolis. They are coordinating the antibiotics from the office in St.Paul,MN and John and Theresa at Antigua, Guatemala's Common Hope Project are helping us gather soap, water purification, clothing, medicines, and basic medical supplies. Dr. Chad has helped us coordinate with a Bishop Muldoon in Juticalpa, Nicaragua. He has asked me to stop first in Obispado in Choluteca this area is between El Salvadors, Hondoras, and Nicaragua where the hurricane has left much devestation and medical needs. I have heard that the road is passable although I'll have to ford a few rivers. If the supplies are not needed I'll go onto Bishop Muldoon to see if I can help.

I will plan the trip for you on a map as close as I can so that you can follow. I am not a big person for solicating funds, but if you would like to donate fungal medicines, antibiotics, anitmalarial medicine, or funds for Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.......The Common Hope would be very thankful. You can e-mail them via info@mn.commonhope.org.

Well....I hope all is going well for everyone. I love to hear from home. Yes, I am a little homesick, but not bad.




Loaded medical supplies, rice, beans, sugar, antibiotics, and additional medicines.

November 20, 1998

Antigua, Guatemala

My last week has been spent in a very beautiful town called Antigua, Guatemala. I went to see many of the earth quake ruins of the 1700 convents. I'm now ready to start heading south. But first will go to Totonecapon for a library dedication in the village of Miguel Tzul. This is a small pueblo in central Guatemala where many of the books were donated too.

Saturday will find me back in Antigua to load medical supplies rice, beans, sugar, antibiotics, and additional medicines. I hope to get near the border of El Salvador. I have been told that the northeast entrances are the best...but need to ask a few more questions before I start. I'll travel directly to Choluteca to deliver supplies to Mons. Raul Correveau of the Catholic Diocesis. I'm looking forward to the next step of my adventure.

By now some of you have already heard that two gunmen held me up in broad daylight (noon). The gunman that was yelling at me was not understandable. I thought he wanted my billfold and so I kept trying to give him that only to realize later that he wanted the car keys. There was a little struggle and chain of events that caused the robbers to leave. The Antigua police have two people in custody and a third one is wanted. So to make a long story short it all turned out well. I did re-evaluate security and the event has made me much more wary and safety conscious.