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Published by HarperCollins Books, 2008


Cole Mathews used to be a violent kid, but a year in exile on a remote Alaskan island has a way of changing your perspective. After being mauled by a Spirit Bear and eating mice, worms, and even his own vomit to survive, Cole started to heal. He even invited his victim, Peter Driscal, to join him on the island and they became friends.


But now their time in exile is over, and Cole and Peter are heading back to the one place they're not sure they can handle: high school. Gangs and violence haunt the hallways, and Peter's limp and speech impediment make him a natural target. In a school where hate and tension are getting close to the boiling point, the monster of rage hibernating inside Cole begins to stir.


Ben Mikaelsen's riveting saga of survival and self-awareness continues in the sequel to his gripping Touching Spirit Bear. This time he weaves a tale of urban survival where every day is a struggle to stay sane. As the problems in his school grow worse, Cole realizes that it's not enough just to change himself. He has to change his world.


Available in hard cover, soft cover,  or audio-book.

"Mikaelsen's portrayal of this angry, manipulative, damaged teen is dead on."

                      School Library Journal (starred review)


"There are many lessons within the covers of this book, but it is the story that will captivate readers.."
                                                   -Pabrinkis; Kids


"A hugely satisfying resolution..."

                                                                             -ALA Booklist


"Gripping and fast moving!."


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