DVD 4-Pack!

Becoming The Author of Your Life

By recounting his own struggles to become a writer, author Ben Mikaelsen empowers students to realize their own potential. Ben teaches us that we are all authors, not only of words on a page but also of our lives, our ultimate story.
Part 1 40 Minutes / Part 2 38 Minutes plus additional bonus features

How to Tell a Story...That Will Scare Ben's Socks and Shoes Off! This presentation is lively and interactive. Through play-acting and slides, Ben shares his adventures of raising his bear named Buffy and teaches children how to tell their own stories. Join Ben for a fun hour and help scare his socks and shoes off!
54 Minutes plus additional bonus features

Positive Teaching Methods...Working With At-Risk Students (Adult Workshop) Thirty years of escaping the attitudes and limitations instilled during this rigid period gave Ben a new perspective on education. His insights will help teachers and librarians to better understand the needs of their At-Risk students.
105 Minutes plus additional bonus features

Research...Finding the "Heart of a Story"
Ben tells of the challenges he has faced in creating his books. His stories and a slide presentation allow a wonderful view inside Ben's research as he tries to uncover the emotions that bring the heart to each story.

Part 1 - 64 Minutes / Part 2 - 33 Minutes