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Questions for Ben

Do You have an amputated leg?


No, but two special people, Karrie and Melissa, helped me understand this world.


What was it like to swim with a dolphin?

It was wonderful! They have smooth skin and like to play games. One game was to take a syringe and squirt water at them and they would play with the water.


Have you ever been through a hurricane?

No, but I interviewed a number of people who had been through hurricane Andrew.


What character did you use for your voice in the story?

Nickeljack. Hopefully I'm not as gruff and grumpy as he is, but I liked the way he looked at life.


How can you write from the point of view of a girl with one leg, when you are an adult male with both legs?.



That is a really good question. I think I can be successful if I am sensitive. By listening, watching, imagining, and asking a lot of questions, I started feeling strong emotions. When the emotions came, I knew I had a chance of capturing who Koby was and how she might act.


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