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Questions for Ben


Did you really sleep with the homeless and eat out of garbage cans to research writing this book?

Yes, I feel very strongly that books must be written with emotion and a strong sense of reality. Being on the street gave me sounds, sensations, smells, and the feel of hopelessness the homeless must feel. I also helped me to understand that the homeless are not lazy people, but rather people having a difficult time in life.


What happened to Soledad?

I don't know. There are many homeless children such as her still living on the streets this very moment...


Do you still speak Spanish?

Si, pero olivido mucho. (Yes, but I've forgotton a lot.)


Is there really a weed called Yerba de la Flecha that gives you the runs?

Yes there is, but I never dared try it.


Are there really taco runners?



Yes, I was told about taco runners by the drug agents I went on patrol with.

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