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Boy! Am I glad to be home!


Life for me, Flat Stanley, started out really normal at Lee's Summit Elementary school. Then I found myself in a flat envelope headed out to Bozeman, Montana. I was told I was going to visit an author named Ben Mikaelsen. I was really excited to be visiting an author until I found out what kind of a pet he has. He has a 700 pound Black Bear named Buffy!


As luck would have it, Buffy was just coming out of hibernation. Ben told me that Buffy wanted to meet me. Yeah, sure! Why would a black bear want to meet Flat Stanley. I took a deep deep breath and said okay. ( it's hard to take a deep breath when you're Flat Stanley!)


Buffy crawled out of a big round concrete den and came right up to sniff me. Ben told me Buffy always needs to know how somebody smells before he trusts them. I guess I must have smelled all right because pretty soon Buffy wanted to play with me. He grabbed me in his mouth and played keep-away with Ben.


I couldn't believe it, here I was in a black bear's mouth, running around and around the yard being chased by an author who was laughing! I didn't see anything at all funny about this. When Ben finally saved me, Buffy pulled my arm off.


Ben said I shouldn't worry because he was absolutely sure he could fix me. He said he would use a flat bandaid. So, how do you think I look with my bandaid arm. I think it is a little longer, so now I'm thinking of becoming a famous basketball player with an awesome hook shot.


Anyway, don't ever complain about who you are and what you're doing. Things could be worse. You could be sent to Bozeman, Montana to visit Ben Mikaelsen and his black bear, Buffy.


Actually, I had a great time! They gave me a lot of food, but I told them I was on a diet otherwise I wouldn't be Flat Stanley anymore.


It's soooooo good to be back home again!!!!!


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