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Everglades National Park Adventure


My travels brought took me to Everglades National Park. It was so rich in wildlife and fish life. A boat ride through the mangroves provided me with spectacular sightings of alligators, crocodile, ibis, wood stork, manatee, loggerhead turtle, and birds galore. Captain Tom described weathering Hurricaine Andrew in the mangroves with his boat and dog. I hiked trails that gave me a close view of pink flamingoes and alligators. Later I attended the Park Naturalist lectures. It is high on my recommend to do and redo list.

Everglades Information: The Everglades is located in the southern tip of the Florida peninsula. It is 1.5 million acres of saw-grass prairies, deep mangrove swamps, subtropical jungle, and the warm waters of the Bay. It is dependent on water shed that has been threatened by water control structures, human-managed floodwaters for off season water dispersal, elevated mercury levels, and pollution. Bird life, endangered Florida Panther, and other wildlife are dependent on this beautiful and diverse ecosystem.

For more information contact: Everglades National Park 40001 State Road 9336 Homestead, FL 33034- 6733

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