"Ben's Rapport with children is remarkable. Students immediately pick up on his sincerity and openness. Teachers, too, were very touched by Ben's presentations."

Becoming the Author of Your Own Life

Grades 3-6 or 6-8
60 minutes (if wanted add 15 minutes for questions and answers)
Audience: limited to 250 students


By recounting his own struggles to become a writer, author Ben Mikaelsen empowers students to realize their own potential. Ben's goal is to motivate students to try reading and writing on their own. He finishes this talk with a slide show offering a humorous look into a day in the life of an author. If students have not had the opportunity to hear Ben speak before, this presentation is a must!


Click on any scheduling button to complete an Author Visit Request Form. Some of Ben's Presentations are also available on DVD. Please note any of Ben's keynote presentations can be adapted for a myriad of topics, feel free to make special requests!

Ben is particularly gifted in breaking down barriers for at-risk students. Contact him today to discuss how he can help your organization build a Bully Free Zone!

How To Tell Your Own Story

Grades K-2
50 minutes
Audience: limited to 100 students


This presentation is lively and interactive. Through play acting and slides, Ben shares his adventures of raising his bear named Buffy and teaches the children how to tell their own stories.

Writing Workshop

Grades 3-6, 6-8 or Highschool
60 minutes
Audience: limited to 50 students


Good writing requires good storytelling. In a humorous, hands on way, Ben teaches the art of storytelling. From story construction to character building, Ben teaches methods and techniques that help a story come alive. Ben's goal is to help students come away with a better understanding of how to create a stronger story. This talk is aimed at the student who already loves to write and tell stories.


Positive Teaching Methods

Adult/Educator Workshops
60-120 minutes
Audience: any size


Ben's travels have taken him from elite private schools and large inner city schools to Athabascan villages in the Yukon. These experiences have brought Ben to ask how we can create positive children in a negative world. Ben examines three questions educators need to ask: What are we teaching? Why are we teaching? How are we teaching? During this motivational and thought provoking presentation, Ben examines the greatest challenge that educator's face: How to help children become the authors of their own lives.



Working With At-Risk Kids

Adult/Educators Workshops
60-120 minutes
Audience: any size


In this presentation, Ben discusses his difficulties as a child learning to read and write English as a second language. Growing up in South American boarding schools gave Ben first hand experience with educational systems where rote knowledge and absolute discipline were revered. Thirty years of escaping the attitudes and limitations instilled during this rigid period gave Ben a new perspective on education. His insights will help teachers and librarians to better understand the needs of their At-Risk students.


Censorship: An Author's Perspective

Grades 9-12 or Educators Workshops
60 minutes
Audience: any size


From an author's viewpoint, Ben discusses his experiences and insights into the censorship issue. How does it effect the writer, the educator, and most importantly, the child's education?



Finding the Heart of the Story

Grades 9-12 or Keynote speech for Conferences*, Luncheons, Dinners, etc.
60 - 75 minutes
Audience: any size


Ben discusses the challenges faced in creating his books. A slide presentation allows a wonderful view inside Ben's research as he tries to uncover the "soul of a story". These experiences include raising a 700-pound black bear, living with the homeless, working with Dolphins, attending Space camp, going undercover with Drug Enforcement Agents and living with the Maasai in Africa. The diversity of Ben's writing and research is what has made his books so appealing to students. This presentation is both informative and entertaining.

Who's Really the Teacher?

Community presentation or Keynote speech for Conferences*, Luncheons, Dinners, etc
90 minutes
Audience: any size


Turning kids on to reading and writing means finding what's relevant to their lives. During this presentation, author Ben Mikaelsen shares some of the poignant and often humorous lessons he has learned while visiting schools and corresponding with students. "The students have taught me more than I've ever taught them," Ben insists. "Students are the ones who have created the precious moments that have given me the insights that allow me to pen my novels."