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Questions for Ben


Did you enjoy space camp?

Wow! It was really a kick! We got to ride on all kinds of simulators, and pretend we were on real missions. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun.


Do you really think kids will ever get to go into space?

Absolutely. I think that in our lifetime we will see the first junior astronaut.


What was your favorite animal in Kenya?

I'm not sure. I really liked the little monkey-like Bush Baby. Also the lions, cheetahs, and elephants.


Are Maasai children the same as kids in America?

They have very different customs than we do, but they do feel the same emotions. They still have many of the same needs.


What can a reader learn from Countdown?



I hope that every reader learns tolerance for those who are different. We have so much great stuff to learn from other people, but we can't as long as we act like we are always right and know everything.

Space Camp gave Ben the chance to train like an astronaut.

US Space and Rocket Center in

Huntsville, Alabama

Homes in a Maasai village:
This is a village where I stayed

in Kenya, while doing research

for Countdown.

Maasai man standing:
This is a man named Nicholas who helped guide and translate for me during my research trip to Kenya.

Lion cubs on log:
I sat and watched these lion cubs play on this log for nearly an hour. Like youngsters everywhere, they kept me laughing with their antics.

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